Glide Thru Detangling Brush


Detangling Brush For Kids & Adults
Tired of dealing with knots and tangles? Getting your brush caught in your beautiful locks and ripping out chunks of hair? The Glide Thru Detangling Brush will not only end this misery but will help improve the health of your hair.
This brush is actually beneficial for both adults and children. In fact, Crave Naturals customers that purchase the brush for themselves or their children end up getting a second one so there are two around the house. Both children and adults notice the benefits of this brush on the first use. Children love how it will not cause pain or tears. Adults love the brush because it is gentle and does not cause pulling or breakage.
Does Your Current Hair Brush Cause Breakage And Damage?
We guess that you probably are, that's why we are excited to offer you the Glide Thru Detangling Brush Risk Free. The brush was designed to minimize breakage and split ends while it tackles knots and tangles effortlessly.
No More Tears or Pain For You Or Your Little Ones
Many of us are no strangers to the whining, pouting and screaming that little ones make while getting their hair brushed. This detangling brush is very gentle on children's hair while also treating the scalp in a delicate manner.
You Can't Beat the Features and Benefits Of This Detangling Brush!
- Can be used on wet or dry hair - Great for the beach
- Use on wigs or extensions without causing damage
- Pain free and tear free so little ones do not get upset
- No more breakage and pulling that you old brush used to do
- Has a handle and can be used while blow drying your hair
Add the Detangling brush to your amazon wish list with just one click above. Maybe you'll be lucky and someone will give you the gift to beautiful tangle free hair.

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